Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Online Bathrooms

No, that's not bathrooms you can use on line, rather, places online that you can buy bathrooms and the necessary equipment.

It would be something of an advance in bathroom technology if you could simply plug into the net now wouldn't it? However, sadly, until that day we're going to continue to need the more prosaic equipment, which is why it's so useful to have sites like

We can get all of the necessaries without having to even leave the house, like this incredible selection of minimalist bathroom taps.

The other thing is, what on earth is a macerator.? Are they really an essential part of the modern bathroom? If they are, when did that start?

Anyway, hours of fun for the most devoted shopper there and for those puzzled by the ever onward advance of technology, well, something to think about at least.

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will said...

My ex-Royal Navy mate told me that the submariners told him that macerators are the devil's own invention. They don't always chew up poo to a size that will go through a narrow waste pipe, not a thick sewer pipe. And macerators find toilet paper hard work, too. And they have to be unblocked when they go wrong.

Oh, wait, you didn't want information did you? Ah well, happy christmas just the same