Friday, December 15, 2006

Exercise Mats

Time perhaps to get ready to take off the weight you're about to put on?

We all know that the holiday season is when we all put on pounds and pounds of weight. From the various feasts that we'll all force down ourselves to the boxes of chocolates that seem to erupt out of the surface of every piece of furniture in the house, yes, our calorie intake goes way up.

Combine that with the winter weather that keeps us indoors and no surprises then, we get porky.  

So, what we really need to help us in January is an exercise mat. Sorry, what was that? Ah, yes, you're asking what I'm going on about with exercise mats. Well, the thing is you see, you don't need an expensive gym membership, you don't need to promise to swim a mile a day or cycle for ten. The relationship between eating and weight is very simple. Do more exercise, even of the lightest kind, and you'll lose weight. Just an exercise mat is really all the equipment you need.

Seriously, a few press ups, a few sit ups and abdominal crunches, the odd squat and star jump is all that's required. 20 minutes a day with a simple piece of equipment, that's it!

There's another great joy about this form of exercise....making it much better than dieting. Muscle weighs more for volume than fat. So as you transfer fat into muscle through exercise, you'll look thinner and healthier faster than you're actually losing weight.

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