Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dot Flowers

We've just come through the holidays season so, quick question. How many people did you forget to buy things for? How many emergency, last minute gifts did you want to send?

Here's something to file away for the future, someone who will do sameday online flower delivery.
Your mother phones up and starts talking....and you realize you've completely forgotten her birthday? Or that all important wedding anniversary? Just leap online and Dot Flowers will organize for one of the local flower shops to get something to her that very day.

If you are slightly more organized they'll also provide flowers direct from their own farms and for those who don't want flowers they also offer deliveries of gourmet foods and gift baskets.

A very useful addition to the options of getting a gift or present delivered: although, if that date you forgot was actually yesterday I'm afraid your explanations are your own.

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