Friday, June 22, 2007

Bet 365

Fortunately, we in the UK do not have entirely insane people making the laws for us. Admitedly, they're not entirely sane, as things like SOCPA and ID cards show, but not as absolutely insane as the Americans. At least we're not stopped from spending our own money as we wish: nor banned from doing online what we can do offline.

Thus we are still able to enjoy the services of companies like Bet 365:online poker for example. They also run a massive sports book, allowing gambling on events around the world.

More than that there's an interactive games section, an online casino and the bet365 poker system.

Given that our Lords and Masters haven't gone entirely crazy and banned such things it's almost a duty to go and use them isn't it?

But more importantly about the law, they havcen't gone so absurdly crazed as to stop as doing as we wish with our own damn money.

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