Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clever Criminal

No0w that's not normally a headline you see: most criminals are plainly dumb, that's why they're criminals. Well, OK, you could look at it another way: we only get to hear about those dumb enough to get caught. However, this was clever:

An Israeli criminal slipped away from house arrest by putting his electronic ankle monitor on his dog, police said on Thursday.

It wasn't until police came to take Nabil Farumi, convicted of attempted murder, to a sentencing hearing, that he was gone without a trace.

"After we searched the house we saw that he somehow managed to take the monitor off his leg and place it around he neck of his dog, who continued to walk around the house," said Yoram Danieli, a police commander in northern Israel.

Attempted murder carries a heavy sentence so yes, it almost certainly was worth trying this out.

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