Thursday, June 14, 2007


I nthe process of getting this new (to us) house sorted out there's one that I'd not thought of but really do need to: getting one of those mailboxes. We're in a rural area so there's no deliveries to the house, we have to go down to the end of the road and pick up the mail from there.

Now we do have one but several things have happened. Firstly, the key has broken off in the lock, which is a right pain. It being the only key as well. Secondly, it's coming away from the wall, which is even more of a pain.

So looking through catalogues for new mailboxes it is then.

But then there comes another question. Should it be one of the dinky little residential mailboxes? I get a lot of books sent to me for review and so on so that's actually something of a pain. I'm forever going off down to the post office to collect the packages.

So perhaps I should splash out on one of the commercial mailboxes?

Hmmm. More thought and more browsing needed I think.

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