Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Search Engine

OK, now we all know how we use the search engines, don't we? Start with a general search for something vaguely like what we're looking for and then start to narrow it down.

We also know how it is that we actually buy big ticket items like, just as an example, a KitchenAid refrigerator. Do all of the checking about warranties, prices, capacity and so on, reliability etc, online. Sure, we all do that.

But then for most of us, at least with these big items, we then go out to hte bricks and mortar store to actually buy it. Which is where this excellent new search engine, Krillon (just click through the link above) comes in.

It's a local search engine, tells you who in your area stocks and sells such things. An excellent idea and I'm surprised, now that I've actually seen it, that someone didn't start doing this years ago. But then all great ideas are like that: it's only when someone tells you about it that you go "Dang! Of course!"

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