Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Michael and Maya Polsky Divorce

Ooops, it looks like Michael Polsky, the head of Invenergy, is about to lost half of what he's spent the last 30 years earning. All $184 million of what he's spent that time earning is to go to his just divorced wife, Maya Polsky:

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Michael Polsky, 57, the chief executive of Invenergy, is trying to get the ruling from his divorce case, which awards his wife Maya Polsky, 55, $176 million or about half of his fortune, overturned.

During the trial last year, Michael's lawyers said it was he who acquired the wealth after the couple had emigrated from Russia in the 1970s with very little money. Maya's lawyers argued that throughout their 31-year marriage, she had been Michael's trusted confidante and stood by him through good and bad times, and therefore should be considered a full partner in his success. It was argued that although Maya primary responsibilities were homemaker and mother, she had supported her husband throughout the years, providing advice, empathy and comfort which contributed to their success.

Instead of reducing teh award the judge has increased it? Take that Michael, Maya gets 50 % of it all!

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