Saturday, January 05, 2008

Full Tilt Referral Code

This is interesting, I didn't think any of the poker sites were still taking US based players. But I was wrong, as this site dedicated to reviewing and providing coupons and codes so that you can get a better deal from the poker sites tells me. For example, go here to get a Full Tilt referral code, or perhaps a Full Tilt Poker referral code would be better?

And as I say, yes, they do acccept US players and yes, you can bet on the games (stakes seem to go from 0.25 to $2,000 or so so you can go pretty high stakes if you want to.)

The site itself provides a great deal more information that just that of course. They review a whole load of different sites, tell you what's good (and bad of course) about all of them. There are also any number of deals that you can get through them, like this No Deposit Bonus. If you're looking for a poker tabkle to belly up to in a virtual sense from your living room then this would be a very good place for you to check out. There's even, if you can believe such a thing, an Ultimate Bet bonus code as well.

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