Monday, January 21, 2008

Visiting New Zealand

Of course, everyone wants to be like their parent sin one way or another but one of the ways I want to emulate mine is to take an extended trip to New Zealand. We've got a large extended family over there (including one distantish cousin who was actually an All Black) so it would be really rather nice to go over and see them all.

As well, of course, as wanting to see the country itself, for it's supposed to be gorgeous, as the photos show.

OK, well, getting there: it's a long way away from anywhere else at all, so it's not somewhere you'd go for a weekend. Better to go for a real trip, 6 weeks or so, and make the most of the travel.

That also means that it's not sensible to just go to one place: so here's some guidance as to the major cities and where you might stay in them: New Zealand Hotels, Auckland Hotels, Wellington Hotels, Christchurch Hotels.

I've been lucky, in that I do actually have the money to go: what I don't have is the time. Rather need this travelling internet stuff to get better, perhaps ina year or two I'll be able to travel and work at the same time. Then, I'm off!

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