Friday, January 04, 2008

Keurig Coffee Makers

As we continue to get this new (to us) house sorted out it is getting close to hte time when I get to have my office redone (which, given that I work from home, is an important matter). I've got my little wish list of things, a wood burning stove, really decent lighting and two new big screens for the computers. But, for one like myself who spends the day pounding a keyboard, the really vital thing is a keurig coffee maker.

No more of that scraping the burnt stuff out the bottom of the pot, no more making do with insant, I'm going to have a keurig coffee maker so that I can have a cup of steaming hot fresh java, made by the cup. Should get the caffeine in the bloodstream rate up to acceptable levels, eh?

So, the only question left is which keurig coffee maker should I have? There is that range of options you know, so which do you think I should go for?

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Hi Tim. The best Keurig Brewer, dollar for dollar is the Keurig Elite B60. On my site, we have a nice side-by-side comparison of the three models that might be able to assist you in making a choice ( Feel free to contact me directly with any Keurig-related questions that you might have.

Congrats on moving into your new place.

Joe Simonovich

KCupQueen said...

I agree with the machine he mentions, but warning, DO NOT ORDER from

I place the offer for everyone in my office that drinks K-cups. We fund this group ourselves so people get a little testy when they don’t get their coffee and as the person who collects the money and orders the coffee, I feel the pain when it gets screwed up.

I placed an order for 13 boxes of a variety of K-cup coffee and tea with on 12/19/08. They “filled” it and charged my card on 12/19. On 12/23 they issued a tracking number for UPS delivery that showed UPS knew about the package but hadn’t picked it up. They apparently then closed down for the holidays without actually handing my package to UPS. It was not given to UPS until January 2nd. On January 6th I finally received the order that charged me for on 12/19. The order that their website indicated based on geography and the shipping I paid, I should have received on the 23rd or 24th of December. I placed 2 other coffee orders from 2 other sites that same day and they both arrived by the 24th.

Insult to injury, they were out of stock on 3 of the items I ordered (sounds like someone doesn’t bother to maintain a current web site) and had the audacity to charge me for 2 of the boxes they didn’t have. I have contacted them numerous times both by e-mail and voicemail have gotten no response to my issue and no credit to my account.

DO NOT get hooked by their “great selection” and reasonable prices --- they aren’t worth it. STAY AWAY FROM SHOFFEE.COM!!!!!!

We’ve had great luck with the following sites: good service with a few minor issues but a little pricey great prices with fabulous service, just limited selection great service and prices, just limited to Green Mountain great service and good prices, just Green Mountain