Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perverts' Charter

This is good to know:

Recording secret videos of sex with your partner is not illegal, Italy's supreme court has ruled.

Rome's highest appeals acquitted a 49-year-old man who, unbeknown to his girlfriend, had recorded and kept films of them having sex.

It overruled two previous verdicts which had given him a four-month jail sentence.

The woman had agreed to the man using a video camera to project live images of them having sex on to the bedroom wall, but did not know he was recording the action.

The court acquitted the man because he had not distributed the films to other people.

Something of a perverts' charter though, isn't it?

Anyway, a replacement for one of the great lies of the 80s I think ("I only use cocoaine as a recreational drug") as we update thenm for the 00s. No, of course I'm not recording, darling.

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