Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Location, Location

As we all know there are only three things, in the old saying, which are important about real estate: location, location and location. While it's a cute point to make, it's not entirely true: things like the cost of finance (the mortgage rate to you and me) are also important.

But sticking with the location point, the US is a huge place and there is not in fact just one national real estate market. Rather, there are a series of regional, State and more local ones. Some can be booming while others are falling, finance rates and availability can be wildly different across them.

Just as an example of this (or if you need to know the differences) try this service from National Relocation. Information on Illinois Real Estate, on Indiana Real Estate or on Indianapolis Real Estate. If those aren't the areas you're interested in then you can plug in any zip code and look a the information for one that you are.

Mortgage rates, moving companies, rentals, agents, foreclosures, they're all there and available for you to search through. An excellent and inclusive database.

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