Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sightseeing in Berlin

Despite the fact that it's nearly twenty years since the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, and the way in which hundreds of billions of $ have been spent on makingthe East look better than it did, it's still worth going there to see what socialism accomplished. The incredible feat of making Germans poor. The East of the city is still encircled by stack a prole worker apartments which we in the west wouldn't house rabbits in, let alone human beings.

Well, that's if you're a political and economic geek like I am. more rational people might want to take one of the sightseeing tours in Berlin. It is an amazing city, after all.

You might also want to click through here to find out about accomodation in Berlin. It's not the easiest of cities to find somewhere reasonable to stay so you probably will need that help.

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