Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well, yes,

Working out how your dog speaks will indeed be a useful method of working out what it is that he wants:

Hungarian scientists are working on computer software analyzing dog barks that could allow people to better recognize dogs' basic emotions, Hungarian ethologist Csaba Molnar said.

Molnar and his colleagues at Budapest's ELTE University have tested software which distinguishes the emotional reaction of 14 dogs of the Hungarian Mudi herding breed to six situations: When the dog is alone, when it sees a ball, it fights, it plays, it encounters a stranger or it goes for a walk.

"A possible commercial application could be a device for dog-human communication," the scientist told Reuters.

I mean, I see the point, but won't you hav to learn Hungarian to be able to use it?

As someone who has actually tried to learn Hungarian in the past, I think I would rather learn how to bark actually.

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