Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wedding Photography

It's not all that often that someone comes up with a truly new idea in something as old as wedding photography but iTheeSnap.com has actually managed it. It's not just a new idea either, it's looks like an entirely crackingly good one.

The last new idea in wedding photography was the idea of putting disposable cameras on all of the tables. Over and above the official photos, there would thus be a huge seris of informal snaps, you know the sort of thing: the bridesmaid getting to know the ushers really rather well, the darling neice geting at the champagne, all the normal things that happen at weddings. The problem is, whiole the newly weds get these all developed, they never actually do anything else with them. Only the official photos end up being spread around friends and family.

This is where iTheeSnap.com comes in and as I say, I think it's an exxcellent advance in wedding photography . All of those disposabloe cameras are collected, all the pictures taken are developed (ofcourse!) and then they're uploaded and a secure digital album on hte web is created. Thus sharing wedding photos is as simplae as emailing someone the URL.

An excellent idea and one where I wish them every luck: they deserve to do well with it.

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