Saturday, January 19, 2008


Now this is pretty interesting, using the idea of social networking to find out which sorts of wine you might enjoy. It's not actually social networking, as they don't suggest that you interact directly with the other people, but it's using the same basic idea.

You go onto the site and register, then you provide the details of the sort of wines that you enjoy. You might say merlot, or chardonnay, (or even red or white wine) or perhaps you'd be a little more picky and say "vinho verde" or white port.

So what the site then does is goes through the other users of the site and sees who shares some or all of your tastes. Then, and here's the interesting bit, it then recommends back to you the other wines that those people with similar tastes to you enjoy.

So what you get is the accumulated wisdom of brands, years, wine types and so on of those who seem to have a similar palate to yourself.

A very interesting idea actually. How well it will work in hte long term will depend almost entirely upon how many join the site. The more do so, usefulness will rise exponentially.

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