Monday, June 15, 2009


Now here's something different in the world of US health care. Instead of waiting for the guys in Washington to come along and sort it all out for everyone people are innovating, coming up with new solutions. Take the Ameriplan dental health care package. Ameriplan packages start as low as $14.95 for an individual and $19.95 a month for a family.

Now hold on though, this isn't quite the same as a total medical package. What they're doing is using the buying power of their members (all 1.4 million of them) to lower the prices that they will have to pay. Bulk buying if you like. So it's not quite the same as insurance, this gets you discounts on the treatment you need and want.

The same is true of Ameriplan's medical care packages. You get access to the huge network of physicians that Ameriplan has built up. Those doctors get access to the huge number of customers and thus are willing to offer very attractive, highly discounted, rates for treatment.

For routine medical care and the usual maintenance this sort of plan sounds like a seriously good idea.Click through one of the links to see the details.

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