Sunday, June 21, 2009

Child friendly workplaces

This was a political stunt that didn't quite make the point the stuntee was trying to I think.

An Australian senator whose crying toddler was ejected from parliament during a political vote has prompted a review of chamber rules and sparked a heated debate over child-friendly work practices.

Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said she was "humiliated" when Senate President John Hogg ordered her teary 2-year-old daughter removed from the parliamentary chamber before a vote, in accordance with parliamentary rules.

"It shows that parliament is still based on a very male model and I just think it's absolutely ridiculous," said Women's Electoral Lobby Chairwoman Eva Cox.

The aim was, of course, to show how patriarchal, how outmoded, outdated, the Parliament was because a woman could not bring her young child to work with her.

What actually got shown was how sensible it is to not have screaming toddlers around the workplace. I don't think she quite managed to prove what it was that she was hoping to prove there.

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