Monday, June 29, 2009

Lighting the house

A y'all will recall we're finishing off work on a house down here and are at the stage of those internal furnishings. As, when we've finished this house we're going to sell and do it all over again, good that we've learnt things this time around, no?

For example, things like whre to get our lamps from. Instead of traipsing around the stores, getting footsore and weary as we go, we've been able to do most of this online. This particular store (click though any link to see) has a better selection (and better priecs) than any bricks and mortar store can hope to manage. Which is why, of course, we like it.

Just as examples, check out their collection of floor lamps. Or if those don't appeal, how about desk lamps? And of course they have a similar great selection of just about every other type of lamp too.

And you can go shopping with a glass in your hand as well, something that I and the wife greatly appreciate.

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