Monday, June 15, 2009

Honey, I shrunk the company

Willie Walsh may have laughed about this but it might not have been such a pleasant surprise for his wife. Working for a month for free might gain you plaudits in the office but maybe not so much at home with the person who does all of the spending of the money.

British Airways Plc Chief Executive Willie Walsh is showing solidarity with his staff in planning to work without pay next month as part of cost cuts, but the move may not have gone down so well with his wife.

"She read about it in the papers," a grinning Walsh told Reuters at a lunch for airline executives gathering in the Malaysian capital.

For as any advertiser will tell you, it's her indoors who determines how most of the household budget is going to be spent and a sudden decrease in what can be spent is not likely to go over well.

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Anonymous said...

If Mrs Walsh is as prudent as you suggest she will have saved the 6% pay rise her husband brought home last year (£40,000) which will cishion the shortfall of £61,000 she'll have to bear in July.

Perhaps the whole family could mitigate it altogether by visiting the old country during the holiday period and staying with relatives.