Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't give away too much

That seems to bethe lesson of this particular stunt. If what you're giving away as part of a publicity stunt has too high a value then you're publicity stunt just ain't gonna work:

An overeager crowd in the Hungarian capital thwarted low-cost airline Wizz Air's attempt to release 1,000 balloons for its fifth anniversary celebrations when they caught wind of the freebies attached.

Onlookers spied coupons worth 10,000 forints ($49.45) attached to each balloon and a free-for-all of popping and grabbing commenced before the balloons could be officially released from a giant net in the center of Budapest.

Of course the vouchers were intended to be spread far and wide by the balloons so that they could make hay with more publicity when someone from the next country but one over tried to redeem one.

Oh well, back to the planning stage I guess. And, of course, don't forget not to make your give away too valuable!

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