Friday, June 12, 2009

Why go to Disney World?

There are of course several possible reasons for getting Disney Tickets and heading off to Disney World. You want to take the kids to see it, you want to go yourself to one of the great tourist attractions of the world, you're in the area perhaps. My reason for going there a couple of decades back was a little different. It was all because my brother played the cymbals.

No, really.

We'd moved out to the US from England just about when I had finished school. My brother still had a couple of years to go so he went to the local High School in Virginia. While he was there he joined the marching band. You know the thing, the one that parades around the football field before, during and after the Friday Night game?

OK, so then this marching band entered the competition for best high school marching band in Northern Virginia, and the won. And then won Virginia, and then kept on winning. In fact, they became the best high school marching band on the whole of the East Coast. And the prize for that was a free trip to Disney World and, instead of just going there to gawp, they also got to be the band that played one day in the Mickey Mouse Parade.

This was of course an excellent excuse for me and a friend of mine to schedule a trip to Disney World ourselves. A couple of 19 year olds wandering around the place is a little odd....where are the little ones we should have been escorting? But it made sense if little brother was going to be in the parade, not just looking at it. So off we went and yes, we had a great time of it.

No, I can't promise that if you go there that you'll see my or your brother in the parade, but I can say that you're likely to have a good time. and if you do want to go, Orlando Fun Tickets has some of the best deals to get you in there.

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