Friday, June 12, 2009

Snakes in a police station!

I'm sure we all remember the dire movie "Snakes on a Plane"? it started out, so rumour has it, on a notice board on this here internet thing. And that was it, just the title alone was mentioned. And then others started to elaborate on the subject, one insisting that Samuel Jackson would have to play the lead.

And, lo, and it came to pass. Samuel Jackson was indeed the lead in a movie called "Snakes on a Plane" and the plotline was, essentially, Samuel Jackson with lots of snakes, on a plane.

Which leads us to this story from Africa:

Police in Sierra Leone have called in the army and fire brigade to try to take back control of a police station which has been overrun by hundreds of venomous snakes.

Snake charmers have tried in vain to lure the beasts, mostly cobras and vipers, out of Gerihun police station in the southern district of Bo. Attempts to smoke them out also failed.

Officers and residents wanting to report crimes have grown too afraid to come to the building.

"Even during work time when statements are being taken, these snakes can come out in dozens. Inhabitants have found it difficult to report cases to the police," station spokesman Brima Kota said.

Soldiers and fire fighters had been dispatched from the capital Freetown and would try to flood out the snakes, believed to number as many as 400, he said.

So, umm, guys, where do I send my outline treatment of this for the follow up movie?

Starring Samuel Jackson, with lots of snakes, in a police station? And can I get vinyl shutters in there somewhere as well?

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