Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting the landscaping done

Regular readers will know that we here are sorting out this new to us house. We've got one side done, the second is being done and now we're turning our attention to what needs to be done in the garden and surrounding area. The thing is though, we've not just got a small garden, we've also got some outlying land: you might think of it like a park almost, although at the moment it's more of a paddock and orchard.

So what we need is more than just a little gardening help, we actually need some proper design work done so that we're making the best use of the land and the opportunities. I've been looking around to see who might be able to help and I find myself rather wishing that the house was in Arizona. For I've found this excellent Phoenix Landscaping company which I rather wish I could use.

Sadly however, we're not in Phoenix, not anywhere close, so we can't use them at all, however good they appear to be. So, one with the search! Perhaps there'll be someone as good in our own area.

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