Thursday, June 18, 2009

The furniture clearance sale

Woo Hoo, this is a bit of a find. A great furniture clearance sale is going on and the savings look absolutely stunning. From the main page I can see a dining room set down from $6,795 to $2,495. And there are other savings there just as good. An outdoor dining set for example, down to $1,995 from $4,895. Without whipping out the calculator I'm not sure which is the larger percentage reduction but I think you'll agree they're both pretty good?

If you're not chasing one of those bargains there's also the everyday great low prices on bedroom furniture to look at, or the Bathroom vanities. The one part I'm not showing to my wife is the outdoor furniture for I'm slightly worried that she'll decide she just wants it all. And even at these prices that just ain't gonna happen. Easier not to let her know about it than to have to disappoint her.

But why not check it all out? A great selection of high quality furniture at great normal prices and then even lower during the great blowout furniture sale?

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