Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Forex Trading

I've found a fascinating site talking about Forex Trading.
There's a huge amount of information there, how to actually do it, what the rewards can be and so on. It's true that vast amounts of money can indeed be made in playing in this market, as George Soros has proven.
I've been asked to give my views on hte site and as far as it is laid out I think it's great. It quickly goes from hte basics to hte nuts and blots of what it is actually necessary to do and then into the techniques that one might use for trading.

However, there's one little bit that I think should be emphasised a little more. That Forex Trading
is in fact a zero sum game. Whatever is made by one participant in the market is lost by another. I think it's important that people should be told that before they pit their wits and skills against the other participants in the market.

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