Thursday, February 01, 2007

Magazine Subscriptions

We all know that it's cheaper to subscribe to a magazine than it is to buy each copy individually at the store. But what a lot of people don't know about magazine subscriptions is that there are many more than just the one price for you to sign up.

The one offered by the magazine itself is usually the highest. There's a whole system out there dedicated to providing much lower cost subscriptions to get people to sign up for the first year. In fact, the magazine itself usually loses money on those first year of the sign up. That's a great deal for you, the reader, of course.

It's worth clicking through that link to go to Mags Direct where you'll be able to see the very best offers on over 1,300 magazines. They've also got a 100% money back guarantee, no sales tax and as well as all that and their extensive selection, if you buy a subscription as a gift they'll even send a greetings card with it. 

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