Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mint Credit Cards

There's an interesting variation on credit cards that's been launched in the UK. The first is something I think is little more than a gimmick, a card with the bottom right hand corner cut away so as to make it obvious that it is something different.

It does have some useful other features as well, like 0% balance transfers and purchases until December, which would be very useful for keeping costs down over the coming year or so.

But where thy've really changed the game with credit cards is in their launch of what is in effect a pre-paid debit card. We're all familiar with the problem of what to buy people as gifts, and we often end up buying a gift voucher or two for people to spend at a specific store. What this debit card allows you to do is provide a gift that can be spent at any store, vastly increasing the range of things that can be bought with your gift.

I think that's an excellent innovation, one to be greatly welcomed. Click through the link to find out more.

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