Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lemon Free

I've always found it amusing the way that certain words can move from slang, to academia and back out into slang again. Take the word "lemon" for example. It started out meaning a junk car, one that had so many faults with it that no rational person would actually want to buy it.

It then moved into academia when the paper " The Market for Lemons" explored the wilds of asymmetrical information and won its author the Nobel.

Now it's back out in the general language, in the name of this site: Lemon Free Car Classifieds. Meaning, of course, that the second hand cars on that site are entirely free from lemons.

It's free to list your car and it covers the nation. For example, here's their listings for the Ford Mustang and here's the Toyota Camry .

You can search by model, by location, work out which is more important to you: absolutely the right car but far away, or something close but closer? Up to you but if you're in the market for a used car it's a site that's well worth checking out.

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