Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Love Caravan

There are certainly areas of the UK (like the Forest of Dean) where this idea of a Love Caravan would be of great benefit to the gene pool of the local population:

HOYOCASERO, Spain (Reuters) - Cupid can always use a little encouragement, especially in a remote Spanish village.

With that in mind, about 150 women traveled by bus to Hoyocasero on Saturday in response to an Internet plea from men tired of being alone.

Commonly known as "una caravana de mujeres" (a caravan of women), the travelers were met with flowers by cheering men eager for a love match -- or at least a good party.

For the 400 residents of the isolated mountain village of Hoyocasero, a mass invite seemed like a good idea in the face of a declining population. The "caravan" appeal was first tried 20 years ago by a similarly love-lorn Spanish village and has since been used in dozens of places across the country.

"Meeting someone this way, it's more rustic and authentic ... it's easier to get to know someone face to face," said 32-year-old farmer Cesar del Rio, whose family has lived in Hoyocasero for centuries.

Maybe someone would like to pass this idea on to that Norfolk MP who claimed that all of his constituents were inbred?


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