Thursday, February 01, 2007

Models Too Thin

It would appear that just about everyone thinks that models are too thin these days.

Female fashion models and many celebrities are "too thin," say four in every five consumers from around the world, a new survey showed on Thursday.

A week before the start of the annual fashion season, trend tracker The Nielsen Company revealed what 25,000 people in 45 countries said about the body size of women strutting the world's catwalks and red carpets.

"An overwhelming 81 percent of online consumers agree that female fashion models and celebrities are too thin," ACNielsen Europe's President Patrick Dodd said in a news release.

It would be interesting to break that down by sex and reason. I'd guess that the men thought they were too thin because men famously actually like women to look like women, have a few curves. From the women the argument might be a little different: There's certainly some women out there who would scream at such thin models "How dare you be that thin!"

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