Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Personal Finance

One of the problems we all have with personal finance is that it is all so complicated. The basic idea, that lower charges and lower interest rates are better

is imsple enough, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, or people out there willing to lend us money on a dizzyingly large variety of terms.

So what we actually want is a way to compare loans, to find out what it is that everyone is offering and then be able to decide which is the best deal for us. Fortunately, click through and you'll find a site that does just that. For example, on credit cards, on car insurance, saving accounts and mortgages.

With so many different offers out there, different interest rates, different requirements, ages, proof of incomes or not, all the hundreds and even thousands of variations that are possible, you really do need a guide to help you through the different possibilities. Well worth checking out.

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Bag said...

There is a site I've used for a while now for financial guidance is Worth a visit. There is a US version, surprisingly called,