Thursday, April 12, 2007

Co-Op Bank Accounts

With the vast number of different possibilities about where to have your bank accounts these days it can be difficult to work our where to actually do so. So many choices, so few differences between the various providers.

Just about everyone offers free banking, overdrafts, credit cards (all on very much the same terms) so what is there that can make on offer stand out from the rest?

Given that the service is all very much the same you might want to think about the Cooperative Bank. They're governed in their interactions, not ust with you the customer, but also in their wider activities, by this rather strict code of conduct, a really rather good ethical policy.

If you care about the larger issues, not just about the minutiae of the bank service, then this might be the best reason you can have to make the decision about who is to handle your banking needs.

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