Thursday, April 05, 2007

Forex, Futures and Options

One of the lesser known corners of the investment world is the global futures market. It's worth looking at as a part of your investment strategy.

The essential point about the whole thing is that it provides gearing. That is, instead of only investing the money that you actually have on hand, you can get exposure to much larger amounts of the item. You can trade futures and options in currencies, metals, agricultural products, even ther weather itself.

Because you've got gearing there are two things that can happen: one is that, if you get it right, profits can be very high. The other is that you can lose a lot too. The difference between futures and options is that with options your maximum loss is whatever you put into hte market in the first place, with futures, it can be larger than that.

But as I say, it can still be a useful part of your investment portfolio and if you want to know more about global futures click through there to contact Global Futures Trading & Exchange Co, Inc, to see how you can enter the market with as little as $250.

But do remember: "There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex"

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