Friday, April 20, 2007

PHP Training

There's something that some businesses have got about the modern world and it's the same thing that others haven't. What makes it important is that the former group will be those who survive in the years to come and the latter those who go bust.

I'm talking of course about those who invest in the future and those who don't. These days that doesn't mean buying new equipment at all, we've moved away from physical capital being the determinant of success at all. It's now human capital that breeds success. This then means that companies that invest in the training of their workforce are going to be the ons who survive and prosper.

Take, for example, PHP training.

It simply isn't true that this is something that can be picked up on the fly. It needs to taught formally, in a well structured environment, in classroom style in fact.

This is exactly what the Open Technology Group provides and if you're interested in further details they can all be found here.

But the important thing to remember is that only those companies who do invest in their workforces are going to survive.

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