Saturday, April 14, 2007

Debt Consolidation

Oh, this is lovely, I've found a great little blog that can help you to consolidate debt.

You know what the basic idea is, yes? No? OK, at its simplest, the idea is that you might have a number of different debts to different people. You might have one or more credit cards, with outstanding debt upon them, maybe some store credit, a car, plus a mortgage and perhaps also bank loans.

Well, instead of juggling all of these, it can at times make sense to work on them, to manage them to bring them down. For example, switching the credit card debt to one that allows zero percent balance transfers can be a good one to reduce monthly costs.

Debt consolidation though is the idea that instead of dealing with lots of different lenders, you roll it all up into one big loan. That might be secured against your hose for exaple, and security means that the interest rate, and thus the payments, will be lower.

Anyway, the blog goes through all of this in detail and they've also taken a nice line with it, mixing and matching the lessons with other material. This list of famous quotes about money, for example, of the Carnival of Debt Relief which they recently hosted.

Well worth a look, even if you're not in debt, there's some very good tips there.

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Heather said...

What insincere sales pitch codswallop.

There are less cynical ways to get rich quick on the interweb.

Nothing personal...

Susan said...

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