Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Discount tickets

I've found more information on where to get tickets for attractions in Orlando. So if you're planning a trip there you might want to take on this advice about where to get Discount Universal Studios Tickets.

Orlando is, as we've said before, so stuffed full of attractions that it's become a self-reinforcing cycle. More people come to the city to see the shows and theme parks (there's now six Disney ones alone, four theme parks and two water ones), in fact, in numbers each year greater than the entire population of California.

This means that more people are interested in building yet more such attractions, for they know that there's a huge population interested in coming. It's also true that the infrastructure to cater to such numbers already exists. Thus the new attractions set off another insurge of tourists and this then starts the cycle off again, people being interested in building more attractions.

It's the sort of self-reinforcing cycle that every city tries to create but all too few actually do.

Although, if we were to be fair in an historical sense, it's actually the story of the creation of urban centres themselves, more people meaning more to do and thus attracting yet more people.

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