Sunday, April 29, 2007

Higher Education Developing

For years now the various online colleges (and other "non-traditional" places) have been slightly looked down on as not being quite the same as a real college, most especially in the commitment or not to research.

There are signs that this is now changing, that whether delivered online or on campus, higher education is becoming more homogenous. Here's one example, faculty at Capella University, one of the online only colleges, have recently published ‘Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change’ a title worthy of any number of more traditional departments.

The other major change which few seem to have quite grasped yet is that the rules on who may get federally subsidised student loans have changed in recent months. I used to be that only places with a regular physical campus could offer their students access to this. This has now changed, so that the fully online institutions such as Capella can now also do so.

Given the way that the internet has made physcial presence at a school unneccessary, this is an obviously good thing, bringing access to education to many who previously were denied it.

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