Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gene Vincent

This quick bio of Gene Vincent rather fascinates. We only really know him now from Be Bop A Lula nowadays but there was much more to his career.

The boys generated a lot of memorable, vibrant songs in those early days, including “Cruisin”, and “Race With The Devil”. They were a talented bunch, and are now considered among of the best of the early groups. The music was first class, and lead guitarist Gallup was one of the best strummers around. But he was also the first to move on, as seemed to happen so often in those days. It began a period of several years in which personnel changes became the norm, but Gene and the group continued to put out solid sellers — unfortunately though, none approached the popularity of their first hit.

As time passed, Gene began to move away from the early rockabilly sound and into a softer style with more ballads, and his second-biggest seller, “Lotta Lovin”, is an example of that sound. He continued to perform well, and many of his songs in that stage of his career are solid, if not quite as exciting as his earlier style. Gradually though, he popularity slowed and he entered a period of decline.

As the piece goes on to ay he was injured in the car crash in England that killed Eddie Cochran and declined thereafter.

One thing few people know is quite where that crash occured: on the A4 leading from Bath to Chippenham. In fact, just about where Peter Gabriel's studio and house are in Box, and overlooked by Solsbury Hill that gives it's name to Gabriel's first big hit after leaving Genesis.

No, nothing important, just trivia.

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