Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eric Schiffer News

As ever, we're bringing you the best of celebrity blogging, this time an update on Eric Schiffer.

He's up to do a buddy movie with a major A List star which is of course great news for his career. an Action Comedy it will be and let's hope that negotiations go well, shall we?

He's also already signed up to do the remake of the Death Wish Returns movie of which the original starred Charles Bronson (and as you may or may not know was the foundation of Michael Winner's fortunes. Yes, we get to see all those pieces about Winner's Dinners as a result of that movie series).

Shooting on the movie is due to start in December in Glasgow and it should be out for the summer season in 2008.
Hey, let's wish him all the best eh? I for one am looking forward to both movies when they come out.

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