Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vacation Time!

This is something I've never actually done but perhaps this year I ought to think about it? What's the "this" I hear you cry? Well, taken an all inclusive resort vacation.

I've been to the Caribbean, where most of them are to be found so that's not an issue, but I have to admit it would be nice to be able to just stump up one wedge of cash and then not to have to worry any more. Over and above the room all the food is included, for example, so there's never any worry over how much things will cost for dinner. At most booze is also included so again, you've not realy got to worry about such things as bar bills (and, err, does the excess of free booze make encounters with the ladies more likely?)

Anyway, while I ponder that I'm going to click through that link and see what can offer me in the form of this sort of vacation. They're the experts in the field, they've got full descriptions of all the resorts, customer feedback and so on, and they say that at times their deals are so good I can save 50% on the costs.

Sounds pretty good, eh?

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