Saturday, April 07, 2007


Now this is an excellent little site, dedicated to teaching you how to make the most out of one of the online dating sites eHarmony.

Why would we need that do you think? Surely you just troll through the entries and simply choose someone for a date? Well, no, there's a great deal more to the dating scene than that actually. There are a series of unwritten but still quite formal rules about what happens on the first date, the second and so on, rules that can be quite confusing to outsiders and foreigners like me.

It isn't, unfortunately, as simple as just clicking on a link and finding romance.

To give you a quick guide, the site goes through the advantages (and disadvantages) of eHarmony itself, things you should think about before you join, howw to get the best deal when you do indeed join and so on. How to set up your profile for the best results, for example.

It really is an excellent guide to how to use the system and comes strongly recommended.

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