Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bigger, Better, Condoms

This is an interesting addition to human happiness:

Futura said the study of 108 healthy couples showed its CSD500 condom helped men to get a firmer erection compared with a standard condom, increased penis size and made the sexual experience last longer, delivering statistically significant results.

The condom has a small amount of gel in its peak that dilates the arteries and increases blood flow to the penis.

I think I can guess what the've got in that gel, too. There'll be two things. One to increase the blood flow, so a vaso dilator, along the same lines as Viagra (and there are a number of people working on such topical applications of similar drugs) and this is what gives the increase in size.

However, this generally works to increase sensitivity: so there needs to be something else in there to reduce it. Along the lines of novacaine perhaps (and yes, topical application of that will indeed work).

But the combination, a boon to housewives everywhere!

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