Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hooking a Diver

Boy, here's something of a catch, don't you think?

A Dutch scuba diver became the surprise catch of the day for a 13-year-old boy fishing in the Netherlands when his hook got caught in the man's lip.

"I heard a sound on my head and immediately I felt a jerk on my lip," Wim van Huffelen, who had been swimming in the North Sea, was quoted as saying by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The daily ran a picture of the diver with the hook embedded in his lower lip.

These sorts of stories always leave me thinking. What did the diver say to the lad? What did the lad think he had caught? Something big, I'll bet, but a human with a hook through his lip wouldn't fight very hard. Was he about to bash the diver on the head to stop him thrashing?

Tsk, modern journalism, you see. Never answering the questions everyone wants to know about.

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