Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great Travel Guide

Now here is a site that has really taken the possibilities of the web to heart. They've also got the point about Web 2.0 as well, in that te great joy is being able to accumulate and present reader generated content along with more obviously commercial material.

What they've done is create a travel guide: simple enough you might think for it's certainly not the first travel guide out there, not by a long way. But instead of simply posting up (very) thinly disguised advertisements, or reprinting pieces from newspapers and magazines, they've actually thought long and hard about how to add value to all of this.

So their travel guide has, for example, blogs from regular travellers, just like you and me, making a record of where they go and what they do. There are forums where you can discuss things further and, of course, professional advice on travel related matters.

They then add in access to the resources you'll need to plan the same or similar trips. I think it's an excellent way of dealing with creating a travel site with a difference. Thoroughly recommended.

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