Thursday, August 23, 2007

M&S Travel Insurance

I'd forgotten all about this, silly me. Wondering about where, how, or who to buy travel insurance from I've just remembered that one of the finest brand names in the country, Marks & Spencer provides travel insurance. Absurd, I know, that I should have forgotten this, for we're all aware of their quality, their committment to customer service and so on.

As you can see if you look around the site a little they offer al you could need: single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance and even, for those who travel a great deal, annual travel insurance. That last is probably the right one for me given my fairly hectic schedule.

Given the news we're now getting from the airlines and the airports, that you've got a very high chance of arriving on a different continent (let alone in a different airport) from your luggage, it does seem like time that I need to do something about this.

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