Thursday, August 23, 2007

Immigration and Emigration

New figures out showing that while we have record immigration we also have record emigration:

Almost 200,000 of those leaving for a year or more were British citizens - one every three minutes - and the rest were foreign nationals returning home or going elsewhere.

Since 1997, 1.8 million British nationals have left the country and about 900,000 have returned. At the same time, more than three million foreign nationals arrived and about half that number left.

The departure of so many Britons is exacerbating the demographic and cultural changes wrought by high levels of immigration.

Despite the exodus, the population is rising - because emigrants are more than balanced by immigrants, with 574,000 arriving.

There'll be a lot of huffing and puffing about this but the most important thing to me is that if, as we all hope this is, this remains a free country, then of course people must be able to leave if they so wish.

The other sideof that isthat people should be allowed in, as well.

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