Sunday, August 12, 2007

Element Skateboards

Once again we're seeing how the web can enable companies to offer a greater range of products at fine, fine prices.
Back only a few years a company like Modern Skate & Surf, with four outlets in Michigan, would be limited to selling in just those areas of Michigan. If it wanted to expand it would have had to buy or build stores in further cities: and then stock all of those stores.
Now, however, it can sell over the net, meaning that it hasn't had to deal with the huge cost of all that real estate and stock.
That then has a further knock on effect. It's able (because it only has to have one stock) to have a vastly wider range of such things as element skateboards ,zero skateboards and the like. Thus we get to have more choice (and they also cover ice skating, roller skating and so on). Further, given the reductions in their costs, we get to have all of these things on offer to us at vastly lower prices.

Ain't the internet and this capitalism thing great?
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