Saturday, August 11, 2007

Get Orf My Land!

The cry of the farmer everywhere:

A German farmer angry with police for trying to confiscate his tractor wrecked three patrol cars and evaded capture for seven hours before an elite unit managed to arrest him, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

The farmer, 53, was pulled over by police for driving his tractor without a license, despite several previous warnings.

The officers called in three patrol cars for help before asking the farmer to get out of his vehicle.

He refused, and proceeded to ram the cars with his tractor, making full use of its attached muck spreader and hydraulic fork. Officers were only just able to scramble out of harm's way.

The farmer then drove into a forest, where he eluded a manhunt involving two helicopters and an armored car for seven hours.

There's very definitely a different way of seeing things from farmers. Why should they have to deal with all the paperwork, the form filling and the licences, of the urban society, when they're not part of it?

I also think it's pretty good work of his to avoid the chase for 7 hours: it's not as if tractors are really all that fast now, is it?

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